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Yorkshire Mortgage: The Reliable Lender for Investor Loans

Submit your application here or, call us at 702-320-0760 

  • Wait no more than 24 hours for approval.
  • Come to our of ces to get your check within 7 days

That’s it! There’s not a lot of paperwork involved so it won’t take all day to apply.

Loan features

Your debt to income ratio is evaluated based on the property’s NOI.

We offer 70% loan to value regardless of purchase price.

Loans are two to three years with an option to extend another two to three years for a low fee. No need to refinance, no escrow fees on loan extensions.

12% interest.

We offer refinance or purchase loans, as well as construction loans.

Finance rental homes, apartments and other multi-family dwellings, offices, tenant improvements, and small retail developments.

No appraisal required. Since we’re local, we drive by the property and appraise it within hours of loan application.

No pre-payment penalty.

Cash out refinancing allowed, giving you more money for remodeling projects.

Take-out loans available allowing for smaller payments until your income grows.

Two to three point lender fee.

Local lending

We live here. We work here. We’re your neighbors.

We’re with you every step of the way through the lending process. We won’t sell your loan to another agency. Whether you pay off early, on time or need a loan extension, we’re here to work with you and celebrate your success!

We’re flexible

Yorkshire Mortgage offers loans for rental homes, apartments, offices, small retail developments and construction. As a wholesale broker/lender, we lend our own money so there’s no long wait for approval. Since it’s our money, we get to choose what we approve. We offer more flexibility and creativity in our lending than big loan companies. If we believe in you and your project, we’ll fund it.